L​ander County Conservation District

Conservation districts are subdivisions of state government. Each district is governed by a board of five or more supervisors. Five Board Supervisors are elected by local registered voters, and one other is appointed by and is the representative for the county within the conservations district. All of which serve without pay.

The Function of a Conservation District is to take available technical, financial and educational resources, and focus or coordinate them to meet the needs of the local land users.

Conservation districts develop and implement programs to develop, protect, and conserve soil, water, prime and unique farmland, rangeland, woodland, wildlife, energy, and other natural and renewable resources on nonfederal lands. Districts also stabilize local economies and resolve conflicts in land use.

Lander County Conservation District

Created June 11, 1974


The Lander County Conservation District will be the leader on natural resource management by providing technical, educational, and financial assistance (as available) to all Lander County land users.

In 1937 the Nevada State Legislature passed an enabling act which established conservation districts in Nevada.



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