Home Ranch Well , Solar Panel and Trough

2021-2022 Completed Projects

Lander County Conservation District

Ferris/Indian Creek, located approximately 20 miles south of Battle Mountain, has been a large, continuous weed spraying project since the 80's. Targeting both private and public lands, Lander County Conservation District teamed up with several participating agencies to spray 400 acres of the noxious weed "Hoary Cress" (also known as Whitetop.) Whitetop generally crowds out all other beneficial vegetation and destabilizes the creek beds. LCCD will continue contracts for spraying in 2022, as this project is deemed essential by local and state government for the wellbeing of the area.

The Home Ranch Project was a project on privately owned land located approximately 10 miles south of Battle Mountain to install a stock water trough. Phase 1 included drilling a well and installing a pump with solar panels to help replace a collapsed well. This allowed better dispersion for cattle while implementing the rotation schedule set forth by the National Riparian Team and local BLM and provided a much-needed source of water to the local antelope and mule deer populations, who would otherwise travel several additional miles for water when the pivots providing their water were closed for haying. LCCD provided funding for drilling, pump and solar panels as well as their installation (completed in February of 2022).